Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Edge Outreach

Just wanted to give a little spotlight to one of the most practical and impacting ministries that I've seen in a long time. Edge Outreach.

Let me tell you briefly why I'm spotlighting them...
After we brought Ellie home we found out that she had five parasites living inside her little body. Why the parasites, what caused them?? Bad water.

We began praying and looking for ways to do something about bad water. We have a good friend who serves on the board of directors with Edge Outreach, we talked with him and were very the point we said, "We're on can we serve?"

Edge Outreach is all about providing clean water to countries, communities and towns where there is need. And how they do this is so biblical. Check out 2 Kings 2:19-22.

They already have a presence in Haiti doing what they do best...providing clean water!

Holly and I went for training in the areas of Health/Hygiene a few weekends ago. This area is where Holly is most passionate about and will continue. I am wanting to learn more about training others with the water purifiers whether on the field somewhere in the world or at the Edge's headquarters in Louisville.

Exciting too can be a part of a basic need that should be so simple...water!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy New Year...23 days late.

2010 is off and running...I know, I know we're 23 days into it already. Seems lots has happened in those 23 days...just a few high and low points of the new year to this point.

-Brought in the new year with the fam...Bryan had a few buddies over to spend the night, Ellie was in bed by 8:30pm (that's late for her!), Holly and I struggled to stay up to see the ball drop...exciting huh!

-Jan. 6th-15th...SICK! Dang I was sick...stomach virus and a dose of the shingles. I thought shingles were something that you were prone to when you were in your 60's!! Nope, not the case. Had, what I would call, a medium dose. PAINFUL! Still have some scaring, but I think they are behind me.

-Holly and I are getting involved with an incredible ministry called Edge Outreach. I will definitely be blogging about this later this week. We were involved in some training on the 16th...looking forward to what's next with Edge.

-Our staff and lay leaders had an awesome weekend retreat the 22nd-23rd. Our church has reached the point where we have outgrown our facilities...and now we are looking for the next steps. Lifeway consulting came in and led this retreat...awesome job they did. What an honor it was to be a part of a great weekend that was full of visioning, energy and the Holy Spirit.