Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am Mr. Mom

Do you remember the 1983 flick where Michael Keeton's character loses his job, his wife goes off to work and he becomes "Mr. Mom." Lot's of great one liners in this one!

Well as of Monday that's what I've been, Mr. Mom. No I didn't lose my job...instead my church blessed me with 8 weeks of family medical leave. So for the next 8 weeks, I won't be in the office...I'll be teaching our Mosaic class on most Sunday's, but other than that I get some time off to be able to take care of our little girl.

I'm trying to make a "check-list" of things that we want to do far? We've gone to the duck pond on EKU's campus, we've had two breakfast dates, watched a few episodes of Veggie Tales, we're singing songs every day...and lots of laughing!

I'm really excited about this time off...I want to keep on connecting with Ellie as she continues to connect with us. Everyday we see a little more of her personality and how she lives life...we're learning her likes and dislikes, etc.

God has such an incredible plan for her life. I'm so grateful to be her daddy and to be a part of this.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My son on the drums

Love my son...I think he has a great talent...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Barber of Prosser-ville

Monday, September 21, 2009

been awhile...

It's been 21 days since my last post...over the life of this blog I've taken some hiatus's, but not this long. Been a little busy with's a few random thoughts:

-Ellie continues to amaze us with her little life. Her transition has been good...every day she picks up a little more English and her personality just keeps on blossoming.

-Bryan is about four weeks into his freshman year at Madison Central...he's still rocking on the drums (more video to come!) and turning into a very mature young man, that's hard to believe! (Not the mature part...the young man part)

-Holly is preparing to go back to work after being off since Aug. 7th. Don't think she's ready to go back. Holly is such an incredible mom to Bryan and Ellie...I learn so much from her.

-We started/revamped a new ministry within our church. It's our Mosaic Ministry (18-29 year olds)...I'm teaching every Sunday morning and I'm loving every bit of it. I've missed teaching on a regular basis, that's one part of youth ministry that I have really missed. I'm glad that I miss it...I think that's a part of how God wired me and I'm glad that I long for it.

-I love our church because they are like family. I love the people I work with every day...I even struggle to call it work because I love what I do. God is doing some great things at First Baptist...are we a perfect church? Nope, not by a long shot! But we continue to see people confess Jesus as Lord and walk through the waters of baptism.

-I'm getting ready to take some "Time Off" for awhile...I'll blog about this later, but I'll tell you this, I am very stoked!

-Cardinal Football is off and running 1-1 so far. The loss to UK was tough, but what a game! I'm thinking the Cards could be in contention once again in a year or two...even with Kragthorpe!

To sum it all up...

God has been so good and faithful to me. He's been teaching and stretching me more than ever, not sure what He is preparing me for, but I'm excited.