Saturday, July 28, 2007

A few pics from vacation

Dang, what a busy week...our children's ministry at our church had VBS this week and I was a recreation leader. It was like organized chaos! But a great week with a bunch of kids.

Two weeks ago we were in California for some vacation...what a week we had. Really loved being out in that neck of the woods, but would NOT want to live there...I guess I'm pretty much accustomed to the simpler life here in Richmond, KY.

You name it...we did it. Disneyland, Disney California, Hunnington Beach (surf city!), Venice Beach (WEIRD!), Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Sea World (San Diego), and Universal Studios in Hollywood. One night we went to the Medieval Times which was really a lot of fun. It was eating food with your hands while you cheered on different horses and their riders while they dueled, jousted, etc. Funny stuff!

We all had our favorite parts of the was so much different than going to the beach and being a lazy slug the whole week. I just really enjoyed being with my family. My favorite place we went to was Universal Studios in Hollywood. They just had a really cool set up throughout the whole park.

When we returned home Holly and I both went through the "home from vacation funk." The thought of getting back into "normal" life was tough to transition to. Glad to be home...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Coming Soon!

Got some great pics and stories about our Cali vacation...promise to get a few post out, but this week at our church we are involved in VBS (masses of kids!!!) So maybe over the weekend I'll work on this!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

California Bound

Won't be blogging much until we return...we are up in da Ville tonight at my sister's house. Tomorrow we'll be California bound! See ya when we get back!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Officially on VACATION

Today marks the first day of a two week vacation...I've never taken this many days off at one time, but I am totally stoked and think I'll be able to manage it.

What's on the agenda today?

-Teeing off at a new swing as of last Thursday, we'll see how it pans out
-Home Run Derby tonight at a buddy coming over to watch.
-Hanging out with my family, maybe some guitar hero with Bryan

-Getting packed up for California
-Driving up to da Ville to stay with my mom, who is going with us!


-Fly out at 12:15pm-ish...I love hanging out in airports, always have, always will

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The 4th of July

Having a "holiday" mid-week has really thrown my sense of time off just a bit. Wednesday felt like a Friday...then yesterday really felt like a Saturday and today (Saturday) feels like a...Saturday??'s been nice to have some days off, even mid week.

Me and the fam went up to Cincy to watch the Red legs play the San Fran Giants...I was really hoping to get a chance to watch Barry Bonds yank one out of the park. He didn't even play that day...said he had sore legs.

It was a good game...we had decent seats as you can see. The new ballpark really doesn't have a bad seat in the place. It was a combo of sunny/overcast throughout the day. Hollybird got ROASTED by the sun...

About the 8th inning you could see some rain clouds rolling in...Then all of a sudden, WHOOSH!!! I hadn't seen it rain that hard in a long time and to come on so quickly. We stuck around during the rain delay, but ended up leaving before play started back...the Reds lost...again! According to the scoreboard the "highlight" of the game was the Reds grounds crew trying to get the rain tarp on the field before it got really was a hoot to watch. Pretty sad for your team when that was the highlight of the game!

I've been a Reds fan all my life and will continue to be one...good times and the bad. He at least they've won a recent World Series (1990) unlike the Chicago Cubs (1908!) That's for you Geron!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

I crumbled and gave in

A few post ago; I was telling you of a goal that I had set out for myself. For years now I've been a diet-coke-aholic...I can easily admit it. So my goal was to go three weeks with no pop...first week came and went (not without its challenges and serious cravings for pop, also some HUGE headaches as well!) The second week was good until Friday night.

We decided to go to The Pub in Lexington for some grub...they have a great fish & chips there. I succumbed to the temptation and had 2 glasses of Diet Coke with a lime...and dang, if it wasn't the best Diet Coke with lime that I'd ever had.

So the goal wasn't quite met...since Friday I've had a few other diet cokes (just during dinner)...I'm even drinking some Kool-aid right now. At least this time I went longer than four hours!