Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Run for Ellie...FINISHED!

Holly dropped me off Saturday morning as close as she could get to Southern Parkway...runners were everywhere. I think the total count was 12,000 registered runners for the day...a mass of people. Got loose, stretched, bathroom check, stretched some more...and then the starting gun popped.

I was feeling really good the first couple of miles...really took off fast, probably too fast! Got into Iroquois Park (lots of hills!) and running well...when we came out of the park we were at mile six, then it got hot!

At the start of the race the temp was 72 degrees (7:30am)...at mile six it was 80 degrees and kept getting hotter. Made sure to stay good and hydrated...kudos to the Mini Marathon Crew, they were prepared and ready for a hot day!

Mile nine we were running in Churchill Downs...legs started cramping a bit...other runners, including me, were slowing down. After that it was a pretty flat straight shot to downtown Louisville.

When I got to the last mile...the crowds were getting larger and louder. People are lined up practically from start to finish to cheer folks on. When you got downtown it was a really cool feeling. Holly, Bryan, my mom, and Lloyd and Joann were waiting at the finish line...I was looking for them in the last 200 yards...crossed the line and looked up in a parking garage...I could hear Holly shouting. WOW...what a feeling that was to see them. It was a great feeling to finish the race.

THANKS to everyone who prayed and supported the RUN FOR ELLIE...I'm not sure how much was raised just yet. When I get that total I'll pass it on to you. Throughout this whole challenge my motivation was a little girl in Africa who hasn't met us yet. We continue to wait for a court date...all in God's timing! I look forward to one day sharing with her about this run.

Below are some pics...my body is still sore...someone ask me if I'm going to continue to run, yep I think so. Holly, Bryan and I are planning to run some 5k's this summer together. I might train for the mini again next year...we'll see!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

ipod and running

Two weeks from the "Run for Ellie"...gotta tell ya, I've enjoyed the training minus some of the foot problems.

Someone asked me the other day who I listen to while I run...I created a running playlist on my ipod when I started training...here's the line up...and I'll tell you up front it's an eclectic list!

-Hosanna - Promise Keepers (very rocking version, sets the run and motivation up!)
-Superman - REM
-Steve Fee - All Because of Jesus
-Steve Fee - We Shine
-Toby Mac - What's Going Down
-Toby Mac - Get This Party Started
-Toby Mac - Boomin'
-Toby Mac - Yours
-Supertones - Supertones Strike Back
-Supertones - Unite
-Supertones - Little Man
-Supertones - Adonai
-U2 - Vertigo
-GNR - Welcome to the Jungle
-GNR - Sweet Child of Mine
-GNR - Paradise City
-Beastie Boys - Sabatoge
-Audio Adrenalin - You Still Amaze Me
-Family Force Five - Love Addict
-Hawk Nelson - Bring them out
-INXS - One Thing
-INXS - Disappear
-KJ52 - Video Games
-KJ52 - Ready for This
-Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way
-Lifehouse - Take Me Away
-U2 - The Fly
-Moby - Rock On
-U2 - Beautiful Day
-Supertones - 20/20
-World Wide Message Tribe - Raise it Up!
-Pearl Jam - Even Flow

From one extreme to the other...all in all it helps me keep my legs moving!

What do you run to?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Two weeks until the "Run for Ellie"

Only two weeks until the run for Ellie. Some serious running will take place this week (I hope...come on ankle, hold out for me!)

If you are interested in sponsoring me for the run I'd love to have you on board...beyond the financial support, please pray for endurance and strength these last two weeks.

Follow this link to file dropper...follow the instructions...check it out!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Longest run yet...

Only two weeks until the "Run for Ellie." This past week I've tried to kick the training into high gear...got four good days of running.

Saturdays are my long run days...I started out feeling sluggish this morning, but got eight miles in. My legs still feel like they are on fire! The ankle felt great today...thanks be to God for the strength and healing!

This week will be the last of the intense training, then I'll start tapering the following week...and then the race!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Masters

It's the grand-daddy of all golf tournaments...the best of the best of the four majors...it's The Masters!

I haven't played any golf this year (right now the focus is on running!)...but that doesn't mean I don't watch golf. And I'll be watching as much as I can throughout the weekend. I might even listen to the Masters on the radio (that's pretty bad isn't it?? LISTENING to golf??)

A good friend of mine scored a ticket to Friday's round...he sounded like a little kid in a candy store talking about going.

It's all about the course...yes, the players are incredible to watch, but it's the history of the course that makes the Masters, The Masters! I'll be pulling for Tiger to win this thing...he's the best and so much fun to watch.

So if you get a chance this weekend...tune into a few holes...I think you'll enjoy!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Read any good books lately?

I've been a reading fool these past few months...I am determined to be a better "book reader"...an old phrase that a friend once told me (I think there's some truth to it), "if you're going to lead, you gotta read!"

Here's a couple of books that have charged me...

1. "Who Stole My Church?" by Gordon MacDonald
This book reads as a novel about a church in the New England states and their attempt to take their church into the 21st century. A GREAT read...made me think about FBC Richmond more than once. For those who have ever said, "This is my church!"...one, it's not your church to begin with...two, check out this book, I think it would really challenge you.

2. "Leading from the Second Chair" by Mike Bonem & Roger Patterson
An excellent book for those who lead from the second chair...associate pastors, executive pastors, etc. I gleaned much wisdom from this one...a good friend gave me the book as I began my new role as associate pastor here at FBC. Leading from the second chair doesn't mean that you become a "mini me" form of your pastor...but it has everything to do with being submissive and having a servants heart.

3. "Confessions of a Pastor" by Craig Groeschel
It's good to know that pastors are real human beings. Craig "confesses" of things in his life that he has and continues to deal with. Pastors are real people, and struggle with real life issues.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Back on track for the "Run for Ellie"

Two weeks ago I thought I had aggravated my achilles tendon...I went to see a physical therapist last Thursday and they gave a better prognosis...not my achilles, but some other tendons in the foot. Although it's still a little painful, the fact that it's not the achilles boosted my spirits way up! They showed me how to properly tape my foot(to give it more support) encouraged to continue with ice and ibuprofen...and to continue training.

So...we are three weeks away for the "Run for Ellie." As of today I think we have 80+ people on board for support. Today the goal is five miles...it's rainy and cold after two days of 75 degree weather (that's Kentucky for you!)...so we'll bundle up and run.

Here's a link to the whole event...it's already been capped off at 12,000 runners!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Another milestone

Bryan reached another milestone in his life...maybe it's not quite a milestone, but it certainly shows he's getting older! And once again I'm going to link to Hollybird's blog to help share this...

My boy got braces on Tuesday and he looks great with them on! Go here to check out the story and pics!