Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Post of 2008

Alright this is it...the last post for 2008. Of my three + years of blogging more posting has come from 08'. Not sure why...I have, what I think is the most random blog ever...a hodgepodge of everything and anything...sometimes some meat most times there is not.

I looked back at last year's resolutions that I can go here to see them. Here's a recap of how they turned out:

-TodavĂ­a estamos trabajando en esto! No puso suficiente tiempo en este. (Still working on this one! Didn't put enough time into this one.)
-Lot's of memories were made in 2008 with my family!
-Still striving to live life on the offense...getting better...
-Read about 13 books this year...have about 3 started now...
-Yep, started running back in September...been secretly training for the mini-marathon in April 2008!
-The whole shooting a 79 on the golf course??? Hmmm...not quite...didn't play as much as I like, more time was spent on the basement this year.
-Praying that Ellie will be home soon...I'll blog more later about this one! Things have really progressed!
-I've tried to more community minded in showing folks the love and grace of Jesus Christ. Really want to see our church continue to do this...have some other ideas about how we can do this and get outside those church walls. Been reading about how other communities have done some really outside the box things.

There you go...a quick recap! Sometime over the weekend I'll set out some new goals...some BIG time goals for 2009!

How about you? Was 2008 all that you wanted? Were you stretched and grown?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am stoked for this...

I've been a fan since high school...actually camped out overnight for tickets to see these guys at Rupp back in '87 (by far one the best concerts ever). Hoping they will tour this record which is slated to come out in can go here for more details.

Worship is from the heart

Yesterday while I was putting away all the Christmas stuff I put worship tunes particular the Promise Keepers Unleashed 07. Wow...good stuff...beyond good!

There is something that is so powerful when we worship God...and for all those who are debtors about what's the "correct/reverent" way of worship, style of music, etc...doesn't matter because it's not the's the words. Now 95% of the songs that I had playing were straight from scripture, so even better!

I am so tired and I think the church itself is tired of the "debates" of preference and style...if you are a worship leader it has EVERYTHING to do with your heart attitude as you lead, so lead in that manner.

If life is kinda stinking for you right now...I've found one of the ways to battle that is through worship. Throw in your favorite worship cd and sing your lungs out...not sure what music?? Here are a few of my favs...
-Anything Chris Tomlin
-Promise Keeper stuff
-Newsboys (Adoration Worship Disc)
-Any of the Passion CD's are great and have lots of variety

Try it my book it's one of the weapons that we use when we are in the midst of spiritual warfare. Remember it's your heart attitude...

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Little Drummer Boy

Years ago Bryan took up playing the drums...even had lessons for a couple of years. When he was five or six we bought him a beginner set for Christmas and man did we ever get our money's worth! My boy can bang on those things! He can throw down a beat...he's got some serious rhythm in his bones!

Back in September he started saving for a new set...a really good quality set of drums. He found a set down at Currier's and put them on lay away...and then for Christmas he brought them home. Both sets of grandparents gave him some cash, so he bought a really nice cymbal package...and now he is set!

We got everything set up in his room...he has a small bedroom, so it's just that, a bed and some drums!

I'm so proud of how he plays...God has given him a great talent and he's using it as he plays in the youth band at church (The Umpa-Lumpa's). And no...his mom and pop don't mind the noise at by our house sometime...I'm sure you'll hear him!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008 Part 2

Thursday morning we packed our sled and headed up to the Ville for a few days to celebrate Christmas with Holly's side of the family. For two days it was nothing but celebrating with each other...lots of food...lots of laughing and lots of remembering.

We hold the tradition of gathering in the living room around in a circle, gifts all stacked up...and then ready, set, go! Papers are flying! I have some of the greatest in-laws in the guys always bless us! We can't thank you enough!

Then it was dinner time! And my oh my do we have dinner! I'm talking a serious spread of just about anything you could imagine. Of course we prayed before hand to give thanks...and as long as I've known Holly and her brother Chris...they can't make it through the prayer without laughing. Cracks me up...when we went to bow our heads I looked up to watch Chris (so did my niece Kristin...we were praying with our eyes open!) And sure enough it happened...a little snicker is all it took...

Another tradition that we hold is an annual poker game. We take our poker serious in the Johnson/Prosser we spent several hours throwing the cards around. What a day...

See the pics's all good stuff! Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It's all about the ultimate, greatest gift ever given...the Creator of the Universe desired to know you, so He sent His Son Jesus to make that happen. It's a free need to take it's a gift that will turn your life upside's a gift you need to have. If you are reading this blog and would like to know more about this relationship that you can have with God...comment below and lets talk...I'd love to share how my life has and continues to change everyday. Thank you God for Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A look back at 2008

I love "end of the year" magazines, tv shows, etc. Pictures do say thousands of words...I came across this from the NBC web site...go here and check it's pretty cool.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas 2008 Part 1

This past weekend was our annual Prosser/Preuett family Christmas gathering at our house. Always a good time...lots of food, laughing, little craziness, and just some good ole family fun.

A highlight for me was our rummy game. When we get together and have time, we'll play what we call a "sanctioned" rummy game, which involves the winner of the night taking home "the mouse." The mouse (see pic) has been in the family for years now...bought him in Florida at some seafood restaurant(why a seafood restaurant would sell such merchandise I don't know)...but it seemed to be a good trophy. The game on Friday night took a turn of weirdness and of giddy laughter. Typically we each would have a "trinket" piece with us while we played...again, just something goofy. But Friday it turned into different kinds of head wear while we played. That may esplain some of the pics with odd sorts of "hats." In the won the mouse and will proudly display it in her home until the next sanctioned game.

The fellas stayed up late playing some Halo 3...we all slept in a bit Saturday morning and then went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast...came back to the house for more "hanging out."

I love my family...I love spending time with them...that's a huge part of Christmas for me.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

6 x 6 = Birthday Bird

So yesterday was Hollybird's 36th birthday...36! We had such a great time celebrating...I know Holly posted some pics and stories on her blog here...but I'm telling ya, I've got one incredible best friend for life.

For those readers who are your spouse your best friend? your soul mate? your lover? The one that you love being with and when you're not you feel a little bit empty? Well...that's my wife to me. I love her like no other...I might even break out in a song...or a rap!

We started off at PF Chang's (can you say Kung Pow Chicken?) mmmmmmmm....then we took off to the Kentucky Horse Park and the Southern Lights. Cool light displays and cool model train displays. There's one train display that we saw last year that was back again...we sat in front of this one playing "I spy..." It was a display that just made you feel good on the inside...all happy and stuff.

Good times were had...Happy B-Day my beloved Hollybird...looking forward to at least 36 more!