Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break week...

It's Spring Break here for Madison County students. I love Spring Break...I'm not taking the whole week off, just two days...but I love it when Bryan is out of school. Things just seem a little relaxed in the Prosser household...Bryan will sleep in some this week (no, he's looking over my shoulder and has informed me that he will be sleeping ALL this week!) We'll stay up a little later at night watching TV and playing some video games. One day this week we'll make a late night run to Waffle House (talk about living it up!) Wednesday night B is having a couple of buddies over...and then Spring Break will come to a close.

I'm loving the's getting a little warmer and I need that! I don't do cold very well...I need me some warm weather.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Elite Eight...Louisville Cardinals

The Cards are playing some of the best basketball that I've ever seen them play...tomorrow night will be a real test, but then again that's what they said about Tennessee! Sorry Vol fans...your butt was whooped on last night. Go Cards!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Quote of the week...

Tonight we went over to visit one of our youth from church who had some surgery today. Emily is a beautiful young lady who is preparing to graduate in a few months...I've known her and her family for almost six years's been awesome to watch her grow in her faith and on top of that she's just a real hoot! She also has a great sense of humor about herself and has always been able to crack me up.

So here's the quote of the week for me...granted she was jacked up on some pain meds, but it was still funny. I asked how she was this morning right before they took her back for surgery...her response:

"You know I had a real sense of peace about things, knowing lots of people were praying...and the Valium seemed to help too!"

Love ya Emmie...holler if you need us for anything!

I am thankful...

It's Monday morning...I've got the day off. Actually our whole staff is off today, offices are closed. So after I dropped Bryan off at school I went and got a few errands done around town...

Came home, dropped some laundry in the wash (still trying to catch up from Guatemala!), checked on some blogs that I typically follow...preparing to do some sermon prep for April 6th...

Yesterday of course was Easter...following our services at FBC Holly, Bryan and I took off for Louisville to have dinner with my family. We haven't had "Easter Dinner" together for about twelve, thirteen years...we had a huge meal together, spent some time catching up, checked out mom's new "penthouse pad" all finished and complete...even watched some basketball (the Cards are looking mighty strong!)

That night we went to Southeast Christian Church to watch their Easter Pageant. My sis and her family attend there, have for years. I was absolutely amazed at the performance...I was amazed at how they told the story of Jesus in a very simple way...I was in awe of the special effects throughout the night (my favorite is when the depicted Jesus walking on water and of course Peter coming out too!)...I was impressed how they intertwined the story of Jesus with current events...the lighting was spectacular, the music was heartfelt, the scenery was so detailed you felt like you were in Jerusalem. What a great way to tell the story of Jesus...I can only imagine how many people heard and saw the story for the first time.

In the end I gotta say I am so thankful. Throughout this Easter celebration I have reread the story of Jesus and His crucifixion...I have watched documentaries on tv about the history...I have read others thoughts of what Easter means to them...I have heard and sung lots of songs of worship and in the end I am so thankful for Jesus Christ.

It is because of Him that my eternity is is because of Him that there is no sting of death, I have nothing to is because of Him that my life has never been the same...and for that I am thankful.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Tuesday afternoon Bryan was being like all boys...he was building a crossbow out of pencils. He had one of my pocket knives and oooopppppss...yeowchhh!!

The pics are not for the faint at heart! My boy is so BRAVE.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Good to be home!

I always find it so difficult to sum up a week long mission journey in one or two sentences. I think it's impossible to do...

Last Friday when our plane landed in Cincinnati I was so excited to see Holly and Bryan...I had royally missed them (and even that is an understatement!) Holly described the homecoming very well in her blog here. It was good to be home!

But how I miss those at the Prince of Peace girls home in Guatemala. Last week was just incredible to pour your life into someone else's thinking you are impacting them, when in turn it is you who is being poured into. You are the one who is being changed...and it's almost like culture shock coming home. I've always made remarks about the fact that we are so blessed here in America compared to others in a third world country. But you know, I'm not convinced whose blessed more...the one living without much or the one who has much.

Last week was unbelievable...Guatemala is such a beautiful country and dang if the weather is not near perfect in my book (80-85 degrees with the bluest skies I'd ever seen!) A few highlights and sights...

-I walked up to the base of a live volcano (Mt. Pakaya) and stood in front of a lava flow.
-Witnessed Semana Santa in Antigua...their version of Holy Week
-Went to a Spanish speaking church (duh, it was Guatemala!) Very cool how God transcends a language barrier.
-Was able to show the love of Jesus to 45 beautiful girls who all have stories from abandonment, physical and sexual abuse to neglect.

To sum it all up...I don't want to be the same or come back doing the same things in life that don't matter. I long for change in my church...I long for change in my life, even if that means I'm uncomfortable.

By the way...I have the most amazing wife in the world who although went through a week of pneumonia while I was gone (and still struggling with it!) and yet was my prayer warrior extraordinare...I stinking love you to death!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

covet your prayers!

In about three hours I'm leaving for Guatemala along with a handful of other folk from our church and a handful of students from EKU. We are going down to do some work at the Prince of Peace girls home. I'm really stoked about going...I love going away on mission trips. The only bummer part of the deal is that I'll be seriously missing my family...I really struggle to leave them. So pray not only for me and our team, but for Holly and Bryan.

If I get the chance I may blog while we are there...if not, I'll see you when we get back (next Friday!)

I'm also kinda bumming because of this huge massive snow storm coming our way...and I won't be here to enjoy it!

Basement Progress Report

So far we've got two works days under our belts. And we've got some great progress, thanks to Mike and's always good to have 'jack of all trade' buddies!

We are doing the 'media side' first...we have three walls framed up and last night we built one of the soffit's. Bryan at one point came downstairs to check out the progress...he saw all the insulation hanging out and said, "Dad it looks like a bunch of dead bodies!" The mind of a 12 year old boy...I love it!

We'll wrap up the framing on this particular side and then begin roughing the electric and plumbing. It's actually looks like a basement remodel...we've got tools everywhere, along with saw dust and lots of male grunting going on. Doing something like this yourself gives you that Tim the Tool Man feel.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Birthday Wrap Up

Holly has put several photos of Bryan's party on Saturday...what a great day! We had family on both sides who came down to celebrate. On Friday night Holly, Bryan and I went to The Pub for dinner (fish n' chips mmmm...)then onto the Fayette Mall because Bryan had a fire of sorts in his pockets and it was something green that was burning!

He bought a new skateboard deck and an itunes card...we all enjoyed just walking around for the night. It really was a great birthday celebration...the next time Bryan has a "real" birthday...he'll be getting his permit (did I just type that!!) Arrrggghhhhh!

I love our son so much...he brings joy to our lives.