Sunday, March 29, 2009


The "Run of Ellie" has taken a bit of a break this past week. Seems last Saturday's run aggravated my Achilles tendon. So I rested two days and tried to run on two miles and had to stop.

I then became a student of how the Achilles tendon works, how to treat an injury, all the appropriate steps to getting it back to full strength. I even went to the doctor on Friday, but really didn't get any words of wisdom.

So...Holly and I went to John's Run Shop in Lexington yesterday, talked with another fellow runner, told him where I was in my training...ended up buying some arch inserts to help stabilize everything.

I've iced, elevated, popped lots ibuprofen...and rested this dang thing. Come Monday I'm going to try a light run and see how it feels.

Regardless of how it feels from here on out...the run for Ellie will happen, because I can be a stubborn man! I may end up walking a portion of it...but hey, the goal is to complete it!

So please pray for my Achilles tendon!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A few randoms...

1. Go Cards! They looked a little flat in the first half last night, but got it in gear for the second. Gotta be a lot of pressure on these guys! Next up Sienna?? (That messed my brackets all up!)

2. Boys Sweet 16...for the past two days I've been at the KY High School Boys Sweet 16 at Rupp Arena. I've been going for the past 10 years now...always a great time...100% PURE basketball.

3. The "Run for Ellie" is a month up and did six miles this morning. My body is feeling good...after a long run it seems to take three days to recoup. My knee (the one I had surgery on) is feeling great. Early on I thought it wasn't going to hold out, but it has!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Love March Madness...for the next three weekends it will be full of basketball watching. I love the excitement of the NCAA and watching the KY High school Boys Sweet 16.

Speaking to the brackets are filled's my final four:
1. Louisville
2. Memphis
3. Pittsburgh
4. Oklahoma State

Final two:
Louisville vs Pittsburgh

My final game prediction:

Ricky P. has them about as ready as they can be. They are firing on all cylinders right now...hoping these predictions come true (at least the Louisville part!)

UK fans...sorry, maybe next year!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cardinals Rule!

What a week of basketball it's been. One thing that I have enjoyed so much of this basketball season is watching Louisville Cardinal basketball with Hollybird. She's become quite the Card fan...

This week was the Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden...the Cards looked great each night they played. They seemed to struggle with their first half play, but then Pitino says something magical in the locker room and they come out on fire.

Last night was no exception...Syracuse is a great dynasty bb team...but the Cards were too strong for them. We were jumping up and down last night...there was a lot of shouting as well, trying to coach them through the TV.

In the end the Cards are the Big East Champs...regular season and tournament! Now on to bigger tournaments...Go Cards!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stupid weather!

Tuesday's high - 81 degrees

Two days later...

Thursday's high - 39 degrees

I love Kentucky Weather!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Random Saturday

Here's how this Sunny Saturday played out:
-7am - woke up! Huh? On a Saturday?? Internal alarm clock said "get up!"
-8:30am - Ate breakfast with our deacons and helped with some training
-9:30am - Ran FIVE miles this morning...greatest distance so far in the training
-11:30am - Family day in Lexington
*Little Chicago's Pizza for lunch...mmmmmmm good!
*Went to Woodland Park, Bryan skateboarded, Holly walked, I read and napped
*Browsed Hamburg a bit...
*Came home the long way...Valley View Ferry (very scenic route)
*Getting ready to play some scrabble with Hollybird
-9pm - UL vs West Virginia
-After the game...goodnight!

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Still running for Ellie

I'm about four weeks into my training for the Mini-Marathon in Louisville...trying to build endurance right now. A just for the record I'm a real "turtle" when I run...not really worried about my time...just want to finish!

I'm still raising support by running for Ellie. My goal is to get 100+ people to support a dollar a mile...13 miles x 1 dollar = $13 bucks. So far I've got maybe 60+'s been a great motivator!

Last October I bought some new running shoes...Nike+ puts out a great running shoe, especially for how I run. And the really cool part about the Nike+ is the gadget you can buy with it. It's a chip that fits into the shoe...there's a receiver that connects to your ipod the program and it will track your running.

Tracks your mileage, time, splits, calories, etc. pretty cool gadget. After a run you download the info onto your computer and you can see the progress, make goals, share info with friends...

So here's a run that I did a few weeks I said, I'm a turtle when I run!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Let the "March Madness" begin!

What a season the Cardinals have had. Showing they are a contender for the National Championship on the road and at home.

Today the Cards knocked off #8 was a Freedom Hall "white out"...even Ricky P. wore his white duds (I don't think Armani makes a white suit!) Two more regular season games (Wednesday vs Seton Hall and then next Saturday at West Va.)

Go Cards!