Saturday, May 30, 2009

Star Trek

We saw the new Star Trek movie on Thursday night...I've been a fan since a little boy. Please note I would not consider myself a "Trekie"...much more of a Star Wars fan. But I've seen all the movies and this one by far is EXCELLENT! Very impressed by the story line (got a little odd towards the end)...loved the cast...Chris Pine does a suburb job as James T. Kirk. My favorite character in this movie would be Bones McCoy...he had all the mannerisms and lingo down.

If you are not a Star Trek fan, but would like to be...this would be a great entry point movie to go see...even Holly enjoyed it!

Friday, May 22, 2009


I'm taking a week's vacation all next week...and my destination is...drum roll...1809 Jacks Creek Road! That's home if you didn't know.

It's going to be a combination working / little R&R week. I'm working on our yard most of the week...I've got two big projects I'm wanting to do.

To fill up lots of holes and ruts in the front and back. Seems the ground continues to settle in turn I've got some big ole ruts and it makes cutting grass like riding in a rodeo. So I've got a dump truck of good top soil coming on Monday (free baby!)...a friend is going to help me spread it on Wednesday...I'll throw some seed down on Thursday.

My drains off the house need to be extended away from the house and buried about 8 inches. So I'll be Mr. Plumber for a day, working with some pvc pipe, etc. Ought to help the rain to stay away from the house.

I might squeeze in a round of golf next week. Haven't played a lick this year...and really I haven't missed it. I plan on starting back running next week too...either the morning or evening hours...getting too hot in the middle!

So that's my plans for next week...this weekend Holly, Bryan and I are going up to Louisville to spend some time with Lloyd and Joann and then on up to Brown County for one night and two days. There's an indoor water park we've heard about...gonna give it a try!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

When was the last time you were totally surprised?

What?? I won??

wow...upset city baby! great season...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I taught this guy everything he knows...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cut the Crap...

Holly and I are American Idol fans...we've watched somewhat faithfully over the years...we really enjoy the audition weeks!

If you were a contestant on the sing your song, you do your best...and now the judges give you their opinion. Which judge would you prefer to hear from?

Randy?? (yo dog...little pitchy)
Kara?...the new girl, shoots pretty straight
Paula? are the worlds best singer and I love you...gag.
Simon?...cuts the crap!

Would you rather someone shoot you straight? I would...and please, for those who follow The Semi-Daily What can always take the Simon approach with me, just don't call me names...but I would much rather someone to be brutally honest with me than for someone to tickle my ears with false praise, etc.

Simon takes a lot of crap for dealing out his "crap meter" to contestants(I don't think I've ever typed CRAP so many times in a blog!)...but he's honest and to me seems to be a good judge of character in the music world.

So which judge would you prefer?? Let it be known...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Current random thoughts floating in my head

Here are some random things I'm thinking about:

-NBA Playoffs...this is the only time that I watch the NBA. My pick...Cavs led by Sir King James.
-It's been really nice to enjoy the basement considering where we were this time last year with the project.
-Next project...a prayer room under the stairs.
-I'm taking a weeks vacation at the end of the month...destination?? Tell you later!
-Haven't done much running since the mini two weeks ago...starting back this week.
-Seriously considering training for a marathon next year (considering!)
-Is gas going to sky rocket in the next few months?
-We got some new pics of Ellie earlier in the week...can't wait to show them to you.
-Our x-box 360 is still on the blink (red ring of death!) thinking of cracking it open again and try to fix it...again!
-Tornado's touched down in Madison Co. Friday afternoon...I had no idea until later that night when a friend called and let me know.
-Had a chance to go help do some tornado cleanup this morning...the damage was unbelievable...looked like a war zone.
-Hard to believe that the school year is coming to a close...summer time already?
-Read a very moving book by Francis Chan last week...I'll blog about it later, in the mean time it's still kicking my butt!
-The estimated total for the run for Ellie is looking around $3,000! I'll have a more accurate total by the end of the week...WOW!
-I met a couple this morning during the tornado clean up, who just showed up wanting to help in some way...I love when people respond this shows there's something inside all of us that we want to serve others.
-Should I get kid of all my gray hair?? I've got a lot now...why is that??

That's about all I have right now!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Let's build an ark

Dang, what is up with all this rain!! It has rained everyday since last the forecast is for a chance of rain. I need me some sunshine in my life...anybody else feeling me??

Friday, May 01, 2009

Dad & Lad...Viking Night

Thursday night Bryan and I had a "Dad & Lad" Night...this one we tacked a theme to it...we called it "Viking Night."

Here's what we did...
-We went and ate lots of meat and potatoes for dinner (thanks KFC!)

-We then built a catapult. (A Viking type weapon??)

We found some plans online, downloaded them, we had most of the supplies already here...then we put it all together.

It was a great opportunity to teach Bryan about using power tools...he learned how to use a miter saw and a drill. He also learned how to use a speed square, chisel and tape measure.

Our conversation was great...talked about school, church, the Bible and Jesus. We had a great night together...and in the end made a groovy catapult. (We have to make a few adjustments to get better launching!)

I love my boy!