Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

It's the Friday after T-day. I'm actually blogging at my sister's house, sitting in front of the fire in their "new home" (one year next month!) It's like a stinking ski lodge! Beautiful!

Anyhow, just chilling by the up early this morning, I can't sleep in like I used to! My bro-in-law and I cooked a big ole breakfast for everyone this morning, (of course after swearing off food for at least at week after all the eating yesterday, yea right!).

So today's agenda is much like yesterday' real agenda, no phones to answer or calls to make, no prepping for Sunday, just being with family! We're going to go by and visit with Hollybird's parents, then head home to Richmond.

A great day yesterday, little different...first Thanksgiving not being at mom's old house. Lot's of food, lot's of music...we broke out the guitars, drums, keyboards, etc. Just a good ole day!

So thankful for my family...I love them much.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My boy & Sk8n's

Bryan has been skateboarding for a few years now. It was about this time last year that he started to really work hard with perfecting his skill-z...

I even thought about skating along with him until one night when I was attempting something stupid and felt as if I broke my elbow. That's when I said, "No thanks...I'll just watch and be a supporter of my boy!"

Here's a little video of him in the garage the other night...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


As you may know...we are cat lovers here in the Prosser household. I used to hate them, but now love them...can you say "low maintenance pet"?? And not just that but they are really soothing, peaceful pets (most of the time).

Of course our beloved Sparks died back in May...since then we have acquired two new cats. We have Reece and Felix. Fleix was named Phoebe at know that's a girly type name. After her first visit to the vet we found out that she was a he, therefore he is called Felix.

Good cats...lot's a fun...oh and they both are Louisville Cardinal fans!

Charlie Brown & Outkast

I love Charlie Brown...just makes you feel all good inside as the holidays begin.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hunting Trip and other randomness...

Okay, still having a hard time pulling the pics off the phone...but since no deer was harvested (fancy way of saying shot!) great pics!

But for five days I hunted my heart out...enjoyed time with my father-in-law, played some cards, did lots of junk food eating. Each day began around 5am and we were in our stands by 6:20am. Something pretty magical about the woods coming "alive"'s very still at first and then things get stirring with all the different varmints. It's a very regal experience!

Saw lots of deer, but decided not to "harvest" one (I've always thought that to be a funny way of saying 'kill') Lot's of little bucks (4 points and see my plan is to let these younglings live now and get them next year.)

Great time! Wish I could have stayed longer, but thankful for the time I had.

-Our pastor continues to be on sabbatical...two more weeks and he'll be back in the saddle. So far...hmmmmmm...I think I'll hold off and give a summation when he returns. I've learned and hopefully grown much.

-Really looking forward to some THANKSGIVING! We'll be headed to my sister's house in the woods of Taylorsville. Mmmmmmmmm...

-The adoption process continues to move forward...still waiting, but dang if were not getting excited!

-The Louisville Cardinals Football team stinks...The Louisville Cardinal Basketball team is going to dominate, they are loaded! But I hope and pray they won't be VMI'ed!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Having Trouble...

downloading pics from my "not so smart" phone from the hunting trip. I'll get back to ya!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gotta leave a name...

Back from the hunting trip...I'll post later about that, maybe even a few pics!

I love it when folks leave comments on my blog...I encourage and welcome them! I think that's what makes the blog world turn a little better...some good conversation. BUT (there's always a 'but') you gotta leave a name to your comment...if you are going to say something, you have to sign your name to it.

In the post about "post election" thoughts...received some good comments, some good make you think stuff...but some chose not to leave their name. Depending on the topic sometimes I don't mind an anonymous comment...but when the topic hits a little closer to some nerves, hey you gotta leave your name.

So I turned off the "anonymous" have to stick your name to your comment...please keep them coming, but own up to your words.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Going to the woods!

This is a picture of where I'll be for the next several days. It's my annual deer hunting trip with my father-in-law and a few other fellas. The basics of the next several days will be to: get up early, sit in a tree, eat and play cards. What a schedule!

Now some folks don't understand that "sit in a tree" part...what's the fun or adventure in that you may ask...

It's all about some solitude, peacefulness, quiet, stillness, slowing down and just sitting. There's something "magical" how the woods come alive, when the sun comes up, squirrels start making their morning rounds, along with some turkeys. What stokes me is when deer come your way and you just watch them for awhile...unless of course it's like a monster buck and then you have to put the cross hairs on that one!

But for me I find more peace sitting up in a tree and just watching for hours at a time...if a deer comes by...that's an added bonus to the day. Hard describe, you may think I'm weird or a little off...I guess we all have our own "woods" that we retreat to from time to time. I am ready to go...ready for some quality time with my father-n-law...ready to enjoy some nature...and maybe bring home a bigger buck than last year!

I'll be back to blogging sometime Wednesday of next week!

Post Election Thoughts

Everyone in the blogging world is supposed to give their post election thoughts...I've been trying to think mine out, but came up with something better. I read several blogs throughout the week...I came across this one sometime ago...I like what JD says, my spirit agrees with go here to find out.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Go Vote!

Quit reading this blog and go vote if you haven't already!

Sunday, November 02, 2008


What a great weekend...

(officially off today)
-ran some adoption errands
-worked on sermon stuff
-surfed the web
-trunk & treat that night
-stayed up late watching Survivor Man!


-Slept in LATE!! I took a few "sleeping helps" and dang if I didn't sleep until 11am??
-Did some work around the house...
-Bryan had a Halloween Party (and it went very well!)
-Mom came up on a spur of the moment it when mom does this!
-Watched Louisville lose to Syracuse???
-Got really excited about an extra hour of sleep...

-Woke up at 5:15am!! My alarm didn't do what it was supposed to do!
-Preached 8am & 11am stoked!
-Meetings from 2pm-4:30pm
-A little down time before 6pm service
-Our church licensed my buddy David Chaney into the ministry tonight...great night.
-Came home and played some pool with Holly and Bryan
-Going to bed and try and get that hour of lost sleep back!

**New week begins tomorrow!