Monday, March 19, 2007

Sand Art

This is kind of fun to do...sand art

Blue Man Group

This past Saturday night me and the fam along with my mom went to the Blue Man Group performance in Louisville. I've seen these guys on TV several times...Holly and I even tried to see their show while in New York years ago (with no luck). What a great show! Kinda hard to put into words what the show is about or what it looks like. Here are a few words to help describe the "Blue Man" experience:

lights, loud, music, very high tech, DJ's scratching, funny, odd, weird, dancing, things that made you go WOW!, little bit messy, creative, lots of colors, more lights, shadows, strobes, oh men!

If you ever get a chance to's worth it!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Going GEEK

For years now I've been an old school daytimer kind of a guy. As far as keeping up with dates, contacts, every day tasks, etc. again, old school using a good ole pencil and daytimer.

Yesterday I went me a Palm Treo! I've been researching these guys for awhile now, trying to get the most for my money and getting the most practical tool for everyday I did just that. The Treo 680 is my new calendar (so long Daytimer!), all my contacts, e-mail, daily tasks and cell phone. Not to mention I can access the web and who know's what else. I heard you can download a death ray of some sorts on this thing! That's what I really want!

I'm a geek and proud of it.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


It's like Christmas in March! Love me some college basketball...particularly the Louisville Cardinals (who by the way gave Stanford a well deserved BEHIND WHOOPING today). I was hoping to go to the game, being it was at Rupp Arena. But I had some meetings this morning and afternoon...but I did see part of the first half and all the second. Go Cards!

Of course every year our staff does a tournament pick-em' contest...I've got a few dark horses, but ultimately I've got my Cards going to the final game to face Florida. When I filled out my brackets, I originally picked Florida to win in the end. But tonight Bryan convinced me to put Louisville in the win column. He said, "Dad you can't be a true fan unless you have them going all the way!" Spoken like a true Cardinal fan! Made me proud...and I changed my bracket! Go Cards!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I hate being SICK!

Ugghhhh...Sunday night something got inside my body! Ughhhhh...not real sure what is was, but it laid me out all day Monday (literally!) and most of today. Some kind of stomach virus...whatever it was I think I'm on the other side of it.

I hate being sick...I mean I sometimes feel guilty for staying at home when I'm ill-ing, not real sure why...I'm not one that gets sick very often. I was trying to think back to when I had been this sick before. It had to be when we were coming home from Africa in 2005. From London to Chicago I was hurting something awful...and it's not like I was able to lie in the bed because we of course were on the plane. Luckily my seat was right behind the bathroom! I'm feeling much better. Even ate a little dinner tonight and kept it in! (Sorry for the details) Looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.

What made things worse today was the fact it was like 75 degrees outside! Tomorrow is a NEW day.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend wedding!

There are a plethora of highlights being involved youth of those highlights took place for me this past weekend. Before moving to Richmond, KY we lived in Stanford, KY (like a John Mellancamp small town!). While in Stanford I served as minister to youth at Stanford Baptist Church. Lots of great memories in Stanford, some really great youth that we had a chance to minister to.

One youth in particular was a guy named Kevin Deatherage...he and his family actually lived down the street from us. He was one of the very first youth that I met...he even helped us move into our house that day! I think he was in 7th grade at the time.
So I had Kevin in our youth ministry for 4 and half years...saw him grow up not only physically, but spiritually.

Well yesterday I had the opportunity to perform his wedding in Lexington. He got engaged last year and called and asked if I would do the ceremony. A great day! His new bride Brittany was stunning looking...most of Kevin's groomsman were former UK football players (Kevin himself played for a season or two) so they were giants...a beautiful wedding and a great day.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Day off...

Friday's are one of my "official" days off from the church...all of us on staff try to protect our days off (in other words not going in to work, even just to do a few things). I'm guilty of doing this a lot...BUT not today! I'm not even going by the church today...

So what should I do?? I took Bryan to school this morning...I'm now back at the house waiting for the plumbers to come and fix our tub. I've got boat loads that I could do around the house...I've been trying to get my utility garage all set up, making storage shelves, getting the basement cleaned out.'s supposed to be a really nice day today...I think I will take advantage of a way cool gift that Holly and family got me as a graduation gift back in December. I've got a season pass to Gibson Bay golf course...I think it's time to start putting it to good use

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy B-day to the "B"

This past weekend was a big birthday celebration for our son Bryan. The celebration started on Thursday and went until Saturday. Bryan birthday is on Leap Day, so he's actually only 2 3/4 years old (11 in people years).

On Friday night he got to choose the restaurant and bring a bud with him. We went to Miyako (hibachi grill...hmmmmm gooood!), then we went to the Fayette Mall so he could spend some of his cash that he got.

Saturday was the party here at the house. Family and friends all came over to continue the celebration...Bryan's scored even more with cash, gift cards and if you look real close in one of the pics...Bryan is holding a ticket to go see the Blue Man Group in a few weeks. Mom got not only him a ticket, but for me and Holly too...ought to be a fun night!

I love my son! Hard to believe that he's 11 now...he couldn't make a dad any more prouder. Love ya buddy! And could you possibly spot your dad a twenty spot?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

mom's retirement party

A few Sunday’s ago my sneaky sister and I put together a surprise retirement party for my mom, who retired back in January. Mom had worked for Sysco foods for about 29 years...that's a long time. She was the payroll manager there so of course everyone loved her!

As Hannibal from The "A" Team used to say, "I love it when a plan comes together!"...well that's what happened...and what a plan we had. We cooped up about 50+ people in mom's house (of course we both still have keys!). Lisa gave her a story about needing her to come home from a friends house...she did and whala! SURPRISE!

It was great time! We had folks from her work, church and of course family. My mom is something else...she is one of the most humble and loving mom's I know. She is still to this day one of my hero's for life...she has taught me so much about life and still does to this day. I'm glad she's retired now...I hope to see her more often!

Check out some of these great pics of her...doesn't she look surprised!