Monday, June 30, 2008


Whewww...that's the sound after a few days of R&R. Here's the low down of this years vacation:

Gatlinburg, TN. / Cabin up in the woods / Holly's family...8 in all / Some serious card playing / Swimming / Walking around the "Burg" doing the "Burg" thing / Swimming / Ice Cream (mint choco-chip!) / GO CARTS (dad n lad style!) / Oh yea, we ate too / Shopping (scored some serious deals on golf attire) / Swimming / More cards (hold'em tournament) / Some quiet mornings alone / Laughing / Rippley's Museum / Already Saturday? Dang, went by too fast! / Got home Saturday 5pm-ish

Slept in! / Gassed the van back up / headed to King's Island (just the 3 of us!) / Holly drove and I read the Sunday paper! / Kicked off everything by riding Delirium (screamed like a little girl) / Rode all the "major" rollercoasters, some twice! / Ate some very reasonably priced amusement park food...FAT CHANCE! / INCREDIBLE Weather, cool & breezy / Snapped lots of pics from phone (post later) / Rode more rides / People Watching was like Jerry Springer Day at K.I...I don't understand people sometimes / Stayed until the parked closed / Got home around 12:45am / Slept!

Recouping from Wed-Sunday / Waiting on the carpet people to install / Will be working all day in the basement...almost done! / Enjoying my family!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2 years ago

A little over two years ago we had something very tragic that happened at our high school camp in Blue Ridge, GA. One of the guys from my friends church nearly drowned in the lake.

I'll never, ever forget that day. Even blogging about it brings back the memories...even makes my stomach churn. The teen's name was Shane and he continues to be a walking miracle.

We had just got back from tubing down a river and I was in the cabin cleaning up for dinner and then worship. I was putting my shoes on and Chris Barger ran up and told me what happened...Shane and some of the other guys were swimming around when Shane went under and didn't come back up. Eventually one of our youth leaders and some of the guys formed a human chain and walked out to where Shane had last been seen. It didn't take long until George found him and drug him out and began CPR.

I ran down as fast as I could to the lake and began to help George with the CPR. We went back and forth what seemed like an hour...Finally the rescue squad arrived and took over from there. They found a slight pulse and rushed him to the local hospital and eventually to a hospital in Chattanooga. Shane spent a few weeks there and then stabilized to where he was able to come to Cardinal Hill in Lexington. A few weeks later he was home and continued to rehab.

Shane was able to go back to school, work, drive, etc. Again, he's a walking miracle...and to my knowledge, doesn't remember anything about that day. Good, I hope he never remembers that day! By the grace of God his life was spared!

But I remember it well...again, my stomach is churning, dang the memory is still fresh. I wish I could forget...I wish it never has affected my life and me as a minister. I felt and still feel responsible...our youth ministry has always been safety minded...I'm safety minded, maybe too safety minded at times. Maybe I need to talk with someone in dealing with these feelings, I don't know. I sometimes feel like I've let our youth ministry down because of these thoughts and feelings. I think I've changed since that day...and I don't really like it.

Ever have times like these?

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Owl

I'm giving the owl just one more chance.

I've given him several chances, but now it's down to one more try!

As long as we have lived in our new home (year and a half) the birds really love to try and make a nest up in my grill (and I mean that literally) and they enjoy pooping on the deck rails while they are waiting. I bet Holly and I have burned at least a hundred bird's nest (minus any birds or eggs, we're not evil). But the birds just don't get the picture.

So, last summer I bought this owl from Tractor Supply...he's supposed to scare the birds are supposed to move the owl around to 'fool' the birds into thinking he's real. FAT CHANCE! Usually the birds are perched on top of the owl! They even poop on the owl and that's an insult. more try owl and then you are out. Anybody have any advice on how to keep birds off your deck while trying to be humane?

Basement Progress...

We're getting there! What started back in March is almost coming to a close. Another basement update for ya...

After the dry wall went up things have really sped up...we contracted out the painting, and dang if he hasn't done a great job. We have an array of colors being slapped on...Cloak Gray, Fashionable Grey and of course Cardinal Red. One side will be a "media room", where we can watch movies, sports, play video games, etc. We'll move the FREE plasma downstairs. The other side is a game room of sorts...with a Louisville Cardinal theme.

We want this side to be an "on purpose" family/friend rec room...we want to purposely use this room (and for that matter our entire house) as a place of ministry...not only as a place of fun, but a place that would foster great conversations about faith and life, college & youth ministry, family gatherings, etc. you get the idea?

What's next after paint? Tonight we are hanging doors, carpet gets installed next Monday, trim work begins (on the media side), laminate flooring gets laid July 12th, then the little finishing touches. Should be totally complete by July 18th.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Skateboarding Demo

I'm crazy about our son Bryan...if you have followed my blog you will notice that I blog about him quite a bit. He's my boy, he's my legacy...I'm a proud pappa!

Bryan has been skateboarding for sometime now...he works hard almost everyday with different tricks, etc. We both really enjoy playing Tony Hawk on the 360 together...that's about as close that I'll get to skateboarding!

Yesterday we went to Woodland Park in Lexington for the Quicksilver Skate Demo. Talk about a "sub-culture" in life! Dang! There had to be hundreds of skaters, in all sizes and ages. Holly and I sat in the bleachers and just watched. Bryan of course was in the mix of things...I'm proud! Here are some pics...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bad day?

So you think you had a bad day? Ouch!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Power Lab Pics

Here's a few pics of Power Lab...good times...little over 300 kiddos last night all who heard the plan of salvation!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

VBS / Powerlab

This week is VBS at our church. I really do enjoy VBS...although for several years our family vacation seemed to always fall on VBS week, convenient!

The theme for the week is POWER LAB and my role is with the drama. I'm playing the role of Professor Newton along with a buddy who is Professor Albert...we do a short skit each night to help kick things off.

We've had a lot of fun gearing up for it...we've got some pretty cool costumes as well, kinda reminds me of Doc Brown in "Back to the Future." Matter fact, that's my inspiration to get into 'character' buddy John uses Beakman from Beakman's World to find his.

I'll try and post a pic sometime this week of us in action...we've got hundreds of kiddos all over the church this week...and they are all learning about Jesus! Pretty cool stuff!

KUDOS AND PROPS to our children's ministry leadership!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

40th Birthday Part 2

Last Saturday we all headed up to Lexington for a ole college friends 40th surprise birthday party. Kim Coffey and I have known each other since way back in the college days...long time ago!

She turned 40 June 12th, so her hubby (one of my best friends) planned a surprise party for her. So as we get up to where the party is...I walk in and hear a big "SURPRISE!!" Huh?? I thought they were practicing for Kim or something, but noooo. It was for real. My buddy Robo and Holly had been in on a little dual surprise b-day planning...and dang I was surprised. Friends from all over were there for Kim and I. Apparently they surprised her at 2pm...and then I arrived at 3pm...crazy day!

A great time had...they had a cool birthday cake with some old pictures from way back when. I'm actually holding a wooden duck in mine. Don't know why, but just proud to be holding a duck.

Thanks to the sneakiness of Holly-bird and guys really got me good! Now stop doing that!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My baby boy...

Monday afternoon Bryan left for middle school camp along with a good ole group of "middle schoolers" and his new youth minister. This is the first summer in 18 years that I haven't gone to summer camp as a youth minister...kinda weird, kinda odd. And 'yes' I do miss youth will always be in my blood. struck me Monday when me and Bryan grabbed some lunch at McDonalds...I mean it struck me hard up side my head..."my baby boy isn't a baby boy no more!" I'm not sure what it was, but when I went to sit down with him for lunch I looked at him and thought, "When did Bryan seem to be so much older to me?"

We've missed him this week (and it's only Tuesday!). I know some parents love a little break from their "young-lings." Nope, not me...I was missing him when they pulled out of the parking lot Monday afternoon.

I love this picture of simply yells out LOOKING FOR A WILD ADVENTURE!! It was his own invention that has been hilarious to watch.

I love my little boy

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Golf Getaway

A few weeks ago, six golfers set out to tackle three days of some serious golf playing at Dale Hollow State Park. We played 18, 36 & 18. We ate like HOGS each night while watching the NBA playoffs and playing cards. Could it get any better than that? Oh yea, we stayed on a friends houseboat that was...(click)real nice!

It was the first time that I had swung a club this season. So I was a wee bit rusty throughout the week. Had some really, really good holes! (Even eagled one of the par 5's) and there were some really, really, ugly, nasty, 'want to make you quit playing golf' holes.

We had a great time...laughed a lot...ribbed one another...did not talk about church stuff (amen!)...relaxed...rested...etc. etc.

Here are a few pics!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sammy Cat

Here he is...the newest edition to the Prosser household. He's a 10-month old short hair cat from parts unknown...give it up for SAMMY CAT.

After Sparks died about a month ago we were very bummed...still a little different without that old cat around. So a few weeks ago we went out and decided forget waiting, let's get a new cat. So we went to Petsmart and adopted Sammy.

He's been a good cat...still getting used to us and vice-versa! He has a few odd habits and tendencies:
-He's jumpy about EVERYTHING! You go to pet him and flips out. But he's getting better!
-He sleeps in odd places...on top of the cabinets in the kitchen...that's pretty high up, but that's where he goes.
-He has his days and nights mixed up...still.
-He's lighting fast!!

Now we aren't trying to replace way that could ever be done. But Sammy has been a good addition for us and Bryan.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Drywall City Baby

This morning the drywall guys got started. Watching these three men hang drywall was like a work of art! It was pretty obvious they've done this a time or two. Tomorrow morning they'll start with the mud/sanding...we should be painting sometime next week.