Sunday, April 29, 2007

Friday's golf game w/ KJ, Brad and Crouch

What a day on Friday...skies were a bit overcast, a little breezy and cool…But what a day for some golf.I told you from my last post about this outing that I was having, so read that to get caught up.

When I arrived at the Lexington Country Club one of the workers came and got our bags for us and loaded them up on the carts. At that point I knew all of us were in a different "golf" world.

Before the game we had lunch at the LCC dining room along with Kerry Jones, Brad Burns, H.K. Kincaid and Bill Crouch. Sitting in the dining area along with lots of other gentlemen having their lunch before their tee time, I was thinking, "Dang, I wonder how much 'money' is in this room?"

After lunch Dr. Crouch encouraged us to go to the driving range to get warmed I've been to lots of driving ranges over the years, but nothing like this. There were pyramids of golf balls for each golfer to whack at...we hit some balls, got loose, putted around one of the putting greens and then headed for the first tee.

At this point I could've left and said I had a good day! I mean the stinking driving range grass was nicer than most public course fairways. But we went on...all the grass was Kentucky bluegrass and it was finely manicured! If you missed the fairway on your drive, you paid for because the rough was just that...rough.

The first four holes I was hitting one over par! After that, the proverbial wheels sorta fell off. I had several pars throughout the day, but I also had my share of bogeys, a couple doubles and one nasty nine!

All in all a great day of golf! I was trying to soak everything in and still play a good game. When we were finished and we drove our carts back to the of the workers comes out and says, "Can I clean your clubs sir?" After I looked around to see who he was talking to...I realized he was talking to me! I said, "Certainly you can...and add an extra $50 tip for your time...and oh by the way charge it to my friend Dr. Bill Crouch!"

A good day of golf with some good ole friends!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

golf season is in full SWING (get it!)

I’m an avid golfer…been playing since 1993 when a friend gave me an old set of clubs. Thought I’d never play golf…matter of fact growing up I was always the one who made fun of golfers and people who played golf. Years later not only do I play, but I love to watch it on TV!

Every year I play in the KY Baptist Ministers Golf Tournament…it’s a two day event, usually played at Cherry Blossom G.C. in Georgetown, KY. At last year’s dinner I had won a way cool door prize…it was a round of golf with Dr. Bill Crouch (Georgetown College Prez) and two buddies of my choice at the Lexington Country Club.

So tomorrow afternoon me along with Kerry Jones and Brad Burns and of course Dr. Crouch will be hitting the links together…everything (the golf, lunch, shirts, etc.) all on Dr. Crouch of course. What a great prize! Sure beats the pewter key ring I won two years ago!

You can go here to check out the Lexington Country Club…looks like a real swanky place…reminds me of the movie Caddyshack for some reason. I’m bringing my camera along for the ride so I’ll take plenty of pics of our round.

time to re-vamp

I'm thinking about "re-vamping" my blog...but I lack some of the computer skillz in doing so. I want it to it look good and not plain-jane ordinary. SOOOOO...perhaps in the next couple of days I'll make some time to work on this. Maybe change a few things here and there...what do you think?

Oh yea, I've got some big news to share with you, but I'm going to wait a little longer before I can "let the cat out of the bag." It's pretty life changing stuff...if you are trying to guess...let me say what it is not:

1) we are not pregnant...well Holly's not...and neither am I
2) i'm not going to be on next season's Survivor (although I did try out years ago)
3) i did not hit the lottery jack-pot...because i don't play the lottery
4) i am definitely not going to be on Dancing with the Stars, cause i can't dance!

Again, I'll fill you in soon...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Toby Mac...Portable Sounds Tour

Okay so me and B take off on our 3 1/2 hour trek to Evansville, IN. We had a six pack...of Ale-8's, a few snacks and lots of jamming music. When we got into downtown Evansville I thought we would grab a quick bite of dinner and head off to the concert. DANG...there is nothing in Evansville or at least downtown on a Friday night. We found a Chick-Fila only to find out the business hours were 7am-3pm...huh?? Eventually we found some golden arches and then headed to the concert.

Our seats were as far back as you could get, but it was in a really cool theater called "The Centre." Did a little finagling with a lady usher and she let us sit in some very cool box seats with a great view.

Family Force Five came out was LOUD and crazy. FFF was a favorite of Bryan's. Following them were Building 429...they were okay. Then Thousand Foot Krutch...very jamming, very talented.

After all of the "pre-bands" Toby Mac and crew came out and blew the joint up with their sound...great energy, clever lyrics, innovative sound...Toby at times reminded me of Bono in his stature and style. Just a great concert all around. My favorite Toby Mac song...had to be Jesus Freak (old dcTalk song). He did some new stuff that really jammed...Bryan all the while was head banging, jumping around, was awesome to watch him and of course to dance along too. He didn't even laugh at me...I don't think.

Got home about 2:30am the next morning...when we both woke up, we still had some ringing in our ears. What a great "dad and lad" weekend...looking forward to more.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Dad & Lad Night

Back to a "normal" week after some time off last week with Spring Break. Sure isn't feeling much like SPRING!

If you have read much of this blog over the past year or so you know that I am crazy about my son Bryan. Since he was a little guy we have always had what we call "Dad and Lad" weekends, days, nights, etc. Time for us to hang out as father and son (Dad and Lad). Early on we started with going to Gatti Town for pizza and games...we've done movies, video game nights, Barnes & Nobles...sooooo tonight is yet another Dad and Lad night...

Bryan is a huge fan of music, yep he's a rocker! I'm picking Bryan up from school today around 2:40pm and then we are headed to Evansville, IN for the TOBY MAC PORTABLE SOUNDS TOUR. I've been a fan of Toby for sometime now, stemming from the days of DCTalk. Along with Toby we'll see Thousand Foot Krutch, Building 429 and Family Force Five. It's about a three hour drive there, which means we'll be getting back at dark-thirty in the morning. We plan on jamming to all these groups on the way up and back! I'll take some pic's and post them later...

Here's to another dad and lad adventure!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Spring Break

Much has taken place since the last blog…I sometimes go into a “don’t wanna blog” mode…I was looking back from last year about this time and had similar hiatus.

Bryan has been on Spring Break this past week…here’s what we’ve been up to!

-Took half of a day off and Bryan and I played some Frisbee golf at Shilito Park in Lex. It was like 85 degrees and not a cloud in the sky…a very good day

-I took 18 of our yutes to play a friendly game of paintball. I love playing me some paintball! It was stinking cold, but loads of fun. I took several good hits throughout the day…it’s like they all gang up on me just because I’m the “youth minister”. Didn’t bother me…still loads of fun!

-Took the whole day off…slept in a bit (8:30am!). Holly took off for Texas to visit our good friend Laura Coleman (she was having her second child)…so we took Holly to the airport, dropped her off…and then the “Dad and Lad” adventure started.

-Bryan and I went to the Fayette Mall…did a bit of window shopping…took in a movie and went to Logan’s for dinner. Nothing like a father and son eating steak together.

-Came home, stayed up late playing some video games…a great day!

-Slept in a bit this morning (9:00am)…played some video games with Bryan, started catching up on all the Master’s action from Thursday (I love watching golf…especially The Master’s)
-Went back to Lexington…ate lunch at Hananoki (Japanese hibachi grill)…went to Barnes and Noble…took in another movie (Ghost Rider!!)…came home…played some more video games…

TODAY (Saturday)

-Had breakfast at Cracker Barrel...mmmmm…went and got haircuts…came home and hung out…actually Bryan napped and I watched the Master’s. Gotta say that golf never looked better on this 50 inch Plasma screen (still can’t believe that Holly won that!)

-The rest of the night we’ve literally done nothing! Bryan is playing some video games…I actually did some ironing of clothes for church tomorrow.

-Another great day!

**Can’t say how much I miss Hollybird…dang I can’t wait till she gets home! Kind of odd her being gone for several this must be what she feels when I'm away for camps and retreats!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I'll be back

Just haven't been in the blogging mood's Bryan's Spring Break this week so it's a toss up whether or not I'll blog...peace!