Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A proud papa...

If you have followed this blog even for a little while you would know that I am crazy about son Bryan. He's a strapping young lad...and I think he's a pretty talented guy. He's a drummer...and he plays them quite well. Not sure where he received the rhythm part in his life, definitely not in my genes, probably Holly!

Anyhow, he's been part of a thing called "Rock Band" this summer...Currier's Music World here in town put together this gathering of musicians...taught them the ends and outs of being part of a rock band. They practiced every Sunday afternoon...came up with five cover songs...put together a band name...were interviewed in the paper...and this Sunday they'll be putting on a concert at Camp Catalpa in Lake Reba. The band name is Separate...here's a link to the Richmond Register in which their band pic and story was on the front page.

I'm so proud of my boy...if you're in the area on Sunday come hear them play...4pm Camp Catalpa.

Go here for the whole story!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The body of Christ being the Body of Christ

This past Saturday was our churches Single Mom's Oil Change ministry...we started this ministry back in September of '08. It's a really simply concept...trying to bridge our church to our community by serving them. One particular area is a ministry to single mom's.

We try to meet a physical need in order to meet the spiritual need...for lots of single mom's getting their oil change may be at the bottom of their list of priorities, plus there's a cost involved...but it's a priority that's vital to their family.

We had about 150 volunteers doing various jobs (oil changers, outside registration, host mom's, childcare, food prep, listeners, grunt work, etc.) As mom's pull their cars up to us, we get all the car's vitals...invite the mom's inside for coffee, food...we pair mom's with host mom's who talk, listen and pray...mom's can stay as long as they like, even their kiddos who are involved with crafts of all kinds.

This was our third Oil Change Ministry and I'm not sure who receives the biggest blessing, we as a church or the single mom's. I always think to the passage in the bible where Paul talks about how there is one body, but different parts...not everyone can be an eye or a knee...one without the other just doesn't make sense. Well to me, this encompasses the Single Mom's Oil Change ministry...everyone serving doing different jobs for one purpose...to bring glory and honor to the name of God and to show His love in a practical way.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I went to a baby shower...

I went to my second baby shower today...several friends from Holly's work gave a shower for us and of course for Ellie (the reason for the shower!)...

Holly works with some great people...I mean some really salt-of-the-earth folks. They too have been along for the ride in this whole adoption journey...they feel as much a part of this as we do...I like that, Ellie has so many people that love and pray for her...and yet she doesn't even know!

We were showered with some really great gifts...every outfit got the "ahhhhhhhhhh" reflex...our little girl is going to be styling!

It looks like August 7th is when we'll be traveling...about 99% sure. That's a little over two weeks away...can't get here soon enough! We've been searching air fares and making preps for our week there...again, can't get here soon enough.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

It was a tough four days, but somebody had to do it...

Thursday - Saturday (GREAT WOLF LODGE) Nothing like being water-logged for three days! Great slides...nice rooms...good food...all three a great combination. There were eight of us total from the Prosser-Preuett Clan...

Sunday was King's Island day...a big thumbs up to the Diamondback Roller Coaster...about wet my pants! Just the three of us...

I love my family...I love sharing life with them. This is probably the last vacation that we take as a family of three! Ought to be pretty exciting to see what Ellie thinks about a place like King's Island.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What would Simon Say?

Star Spangled Banner...I think...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I've got a BEAUTIFUL daughter...

Yes, I am very biased...I am very proud...I am head over heels for a little girl who is about 8,000 miles away...here's a new pic of her...WOW!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Ellie Kedest Prosser

It was finally official on Thursday...Ellie's adoption case was presented to the Ethiopian courts...we passed on the first time around...she is officially a Prosser!

Really hard to put into words how this feels...all the waiting and anticipation...now we have to wait maybe a few more weeks before we travel to go and bring her home. We have some travel details to get together, an embassy date to have scheduled and then we go. Maybe early August...

We are stoked beyond being stoked...I'm a dad again...I gotta go get some cigars to pass out now!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New Challenge

After running the mini-marathon back in April, several folks asked, "Are you going to keep on running?" The easy answer is "YES!"...but I've struggled with motivation. I need something to challenge me...a goal to shoot for in running. I guess the motivation of just doing it for my health is not enough...I'm too weak and am addicted to cookies and ice cream!

So...here's the new challenge that I've been working towards. My buddy Mike McMahan is a big sprint triathlon-ist (sp?)...what's a sprint triathlon? A much shorter version of something like the Iron Man Triathlon in Hawaii...much, much shorter! Anyhoo...he encouraged me to try this thing out, even loaned me one of his bikes.

Sunday, July 26th I'll be competing in the Mike Caudill Memorial Triathlon. It will consist of 600-yards of swimming...12 mile bike ride...and 3.1 miles of running.

Last night I went out and biked 8 miles and attempted to run two...I only ran maybe a half mile...my legs were like spaghetti!

Hmmmmm...what have I gotten into??