Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bryan's B-Day Celebration

What a weekend! Some serious celebrating went on in the Prosser household as it was Bryan's 10th birthday. If you didn't know Bryan is a leap day baby (Feb. 29th, 1996) so he's only had two REAL birthdays.

Friday night we took Bryan and one of his friends to Miyako in Lexington. We had a great meal, a good show by the chef...they even came out and sang to him.

Saturday was the party! We had friends and family come over to the house. The theme and decor was Japan. I think I've posted before that Bryan has taken a real fascination with Japanese culture. So we had all kinds of decorations, chopsticks (made eating ice cream interesting), dragons and swords. Of course almost all of his gifts were Japanese related. Mom got him all four of the "Karate Kid" movies, Nana and Papa got him a way cool Japanese sword and clothing, the Osbornes got him his very own sushi set and Holly and I got him a white Katana. And before anybody goes bonkers thinking, "You got him what? sharp swords, etc..he'll poke his eye out stuff", we've had the "responsibility" talk and we trust him with these things.

We did the cake and ice cream thing (notice the pic of his cake!)...sat around talking and played some cards. Had a great time visiting with everyone. We wrapped up the night by going out to the new Mexican restaurant, Casa Fiesta, here in Richmond. And of course they sang happy birthday to Bryan in Spanish.

A great weekend of celebrating an amazing little boy. Bryan is definitely one of a kind...we have been truly blessed by him. The first ten years have been wild and crazy...can't wait until the next ten years. Love ya Beezer!

Friday, February 24, 2006

This one is for Geron

Alright, this particular blog is for my good friend Geron Brown. He's a man of many talents and master of most of them. Geron has helped me with all the "techie" stuff in getting started with blogging, even down to the design. If you don't know Geron you can go to his blog here. I saw this pic and immediately thought of one person...because of his great admiration and love for clowns. Love ya bro!

Big weekend coming up!

It's 1:00am and I just got finished pouring over six hours of seminary studies. Since I'm taking these classes on line, I have like a bazillion lectures to watch on CD-ROMS. Okay, maybe bazillion is a little much, but since the semester started three weeks ago, I'm averaging about 10-12 lectures a week and with reading and book reviews and test, it's made life a little more interesting around the Prosser household. Thanks be to God for a self-sacrificing wife who has taken the load of things in the house and schedules. I keep on telling myself, "just two more months and it's all over." So join with me in reminding me of this!

Okay now for some cool news! A few weeks ago I blogged about "Choco-diles." Guess what I got in the mail today? You got it...a box of Choco-diles! Guess who got them for me? You got it...that self-sacrificing, selfless, gallant, hot momma of a wife that I have! So I had one tonight after dinner. It was some good eatin'. I'm trying to figure out a plan to ration them...they've got like 11 grams of fat (in just one!), so I gotta be careful.

And for the big weekend? It's Bryan's birthday celebration that begins tomorrow night at ends sometime next week. We got some huge plans...I'll take plenty of pictures...stay tuned.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Invisible Children

I discovered this site from Shawn Groves' blog. You can go here to see his site...he's got some really great music and a great ministry.

Ever since I read about this "movement" for the first time, it seems I can’t read enough. After visiting Uganda last year and seeing some of the history and meeting the people this story has drawn my attention.

It’s a heartrending story of innocent children who aren’t allowed to enjoy being ‘children’. Take the time to read through the web site…read the stories and then pray about what you could do. Awareness of an atrocity like this is does powerful things, but putting some action behind the awareness can do so much more.

Go here to the Invisible Chidlren web site.

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."
-Albert Einstein

Friday, February 17, 2006

This is too cool

I got this link from my good friend Mark Meadows. Mark is a "guru" for Microsoft and moved from Lexington to Seattle with his new bride just about a year ago. Anyhoo...go here for the cool link.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


(Setting the stage; standing in front of a group of people)
Hello, my name is Jeff..."hello Jeff!"...and I'm an Olympic junkie. I just can't help it...I love the Olympics. Since Friday night’s opening ceremonies, my lovely bride and I can’t seem to break away from watching.

It all stated with the biathlon, which led to the Nordic combined, then of course we had to watch the first of the speed skating after all we are Apolo Anton Ohno fans. Next thing you know I’m watching cross-country skiing. And I couldn’t discount the short track skating which is coupled to watching figure skating…yes, figure skating! I know, I know…I have a problem…I told you I was an Olympic junkie.

So last night I’m being the studious student and working on one of my classes…New Testament, particularly 1 Corinthians…while watching alpine skiing. I was totally distracted…so I went into the computer room and focused… I dug down deep, hunkered down with the Apostle Paul in his teachings to the church at Corinth. Thirty minutes later Holly comes in all bright eyed and smiles…Ted Ligety just shocked the alpine skiing world and took the gold in the men’s combined downhill. I looked at her at thought, “CRAP…I missed it!”

Oh well…twelve more days are left of the winter Olympics. Many more events to watch. More alpine skiing, figure skating, luge, one of my favorites the skeleton! And of course the one I’m really looking forward to watching and you might think I’m nuts…CURLING! Those guys can seriously work those brooms!

My name is Jeff…and I’m an Olympic junkie. Please pray for me.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Random Pic of the Week

Okay, here's the random pic of the week. I think I'll make this a "staple" on my blog. I'll try to give you some snapshots that are around here in Richmond, just so you can see what it looks like (if you don't already know).

I'm a sucker for a sunrise or sunset. I've got a collection of different sunrises and sunsets that I've taken over the years. There is nothing really like a watching the sun come up in the morning as it collides with the clouds and paints an incredible picture. For me as a Christian, it's a spectacular way that God says “good morning” through His nature.

This is a picture that I took this morning on the way over to our weekly prayer breakfast with our youth. I took the picture on Three Forks Road just on top of a hill, it's overlooking the Red House Road area. My son, Bryan, was wondering why I was stopping in the middle of the road to take a picture…

Anyhow, this is the random pic of the week… was taken around 6:55am.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Random Pic of the Week

This is pic from January 2005...Bryan and I while in London while we had a lay over in route to Uganda, Africa. This particular pic is right by Big Ben…we thought downtown London was pretty cool. We were amazed at the cleanliness of the taxis that we rode in…they take their taxi service very serious! We’ve been in a New York city taxi and there is no comparison. Way to go London! We loved your taxis.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Anybody seen these before?

The other night Holly and I were watching "Unwrapped", a great show on the Food Network. The show features behind the scenes look at how different foods are made ranging from candy to different kind of chips. A fascinating show!

The other night they were featuring "Chocodiles." a nutshell it's a chocolate covered twinkie. But it's hard to find them in these "neck of the woods." So if anyone has access to these incredible tasty treats...PLEASE CALL ME! Or send them my way. It's been like years since I've had one and I would really like to reunite with them.

You can click here to find out more about Chocodiles.

Monday, February 06, 2006


What a game! It won't go down as one of the all time best Superbowl games, but it was a stinking awesome one for those of us who are Steeler Fans.

Last night our youth ministry had a Superbowl Bash...had about 75 yutes and leaders hanging out...some watching the game, some playing foosball, others on the X-Box or PS2. A great time with a smorgashboard of food. Those who were "real" Steeler fans were decked out in our black and gold...some of us had our terrible towels (I was working mine real good until someone stole it...won't mention any names...Kayla!). Any-hoo, a great time by all!

Until next year...minus the Bus!

Profoundly said...

Last Thursday, Bono (front man for the band U2), spoke to members of congress, President Bush and many other dignataries at the National Prayer Breakfast. He spoke for 21 minutes and said some very profoud statements about God, the poor, the year of Jubilee, and an idea that we as a nation could do for to help the poor and other countries.

I've been a fan of Bono and of U2 for quite some time now. I love their music, even through some of those "weird" years (Zooropa & Pop). I remember seeing them in concert at Rupp Arena in, pretty darn cool.

You can go here to check out his comments...again, some great truth as he spoke from his heart. I really dig his shades!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

What's on your XM?

I've had XM radio for almost three years now. If you don't know, it's a satellite radio...I can drive from Richmond, KY. to California and keep a constant signal. It's pretty cool! There's like 160 channels that range from jazz to sports radio shows...urban music to bluegrass, etc. One of my favorite features is their MLB baseball coverage. Now you may think I'm crazy, but I'm one those who really enjoy listening to a game than watching it on TV. So XM radio started last season airing every MLB game. So at least once a week I would make a bon fire in my back yard, pull my truck around to the back...turn on the game and listen by the fire. Good stuff!

You can preset up to 10 of your favorite stations on the's what's on mine:
1- The Torch (alternative christian music)
2- Laugh USA (some great clean comedy...a favorite for Bryan and I)
3- ESPN Radio (in particular Colin Cowheard and Dan Patrick)
4- ESPN News
5- Fox News
6- Frank's Place (great jazz...just about every other song is of course Frank Sinatra)
7- Golf Network (yea, I listen to golf?! yep!)
8- The 80's (re-living the past)
9- The Watercooler (more urban jazz)
10- Bluegrass Junction (this of course is God's music!)

So check it out...XM Radio. It's like $10 a month and you got to buy the tuner ($30-$75)