Friday, April 30, 2010

Blogging vs Facebook

So my struggle of which social media venue to devote time is this...Facebook or Blogging.

I've thoroughly enjoyed my blogging years, but FB seems to be where more people are and it's just easier to communicate little thoughts about life, etc.

Blogging provides opportunity for more in depth thoughts, stories, and rants. I really enjoy looking back three years ago to see "where I was" in life, even with pics.

On the flip side Facebook has opened the door to reconnection with so many friends and family. In the past year I've communicated more with friends I graduated with in high school...connected with family members that I typically see at funerals.

Hmmmm...I'm a torn. Do I continue blogging? If you follow my blog you know that I can go in spurts of drought from time to time. What do you think?

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Sunday

It's Saturday but Sunday is coming...Easter Sunday! Far more than Easter bunnies and eggs...never really understood that one, even when I was little.

Here are a few words that come to mind when I think about Easter weekend:
Finished, Pain, Hope, Completion, Forgiveness, GRACE, Love, selfless, Jesus, worship, sad, anticipation, amazing, resurrection, miraculous, mercy, obedience...

I know there are others...many others, but these stand out to me.

Because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, my life has never been the same. For God so loved Jeff that He gave His one and only Son that if Jeff believes in Him, He will not perish, but have everlasting life. Can you insert your name?

Resurrection Sunday is what separates Christianity from ALL religions of the world. Go to the graves of all those other gods and they will be there...but if you go to the grave of Jesus won't find Him there because He overcame death.

That's a powerful, almighty God.