Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Life Lesson from my parents...

Growing up I've had many "life lessons" from my parents...some were learned the easy way, others the hard way.

One lesson I distinctly remember was never to play with matches...this just came through the headlines in the news...I am bummin' for this kid.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good game on Saturday & random stuff...

-Saturday's UofL game was a good one...they beat Pittsburgh 23-13. Holly and I scored two tickets to the game...drove up Friday night and spent the night with mom. She made some of her famous chili for dinner and then we played some rummy.

-PERFECT football weather on Saturday...kinda cold with a slight breeze every-now-and-then. I LOVE the atmosphere of a college football's kinda hard to describe if you've never been. You just feel so part of the game! We're hoping to go to the Louiville / Rutgers game after Thanksgiving.

-Friday morning myself and four other buddies went to Old Silo to play some golf. What a great time we had...started off with some breakfast at good ole Cracker Barrel. Old Silo is a tough course, last time I played ate my lunch. On Friday, it ate my lunch and dinner!

-However, the highlight of the day was playing with a good friend who just got back from Iraq. I cannot imagine being gone from my family for 15 months and then to come home and pick things up where you left. Believe me the golf was was just good to have our friend Marty home...back in the US and safe. Thanks Marty for serving the way you did! Let's play some more golf soon...on second about Frisbee golf instead?

-The hunting season is just around the corner...and I am getting stoked! Six days of being in the woods...hunting all day, eating and playing cards at night. Not a bad way to spend a week! I've been getting myself pumped up by watching some of my hunting DVD's. These things crack me up, but they do get me stoked! I'll make sure and take some pics while in the tree stand, so you can feel excited.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Be prayer warriors for us...

Some exciting news within the Prosser household...for sometime now we have talked and prayed about adoption. We have talked and waited for the right timing...we knew that we wanted to wait until Bryan was 100% healthy...and now that he is, we are ready to TAKE THE LEAP OF FAITH!

Tonight Holly and I had a meeting with an adoption agency in Danville, we wanted to sit and talk out some questions...and hear some wisdom. So now we are taking the first steps into the world of adoption. We are excited and stoked about what lies I wanted to ask that you pray along with us in that everything will begin to come to fruition.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fair Catch!!

fair catch:
when a kick returner decides only to catch a punt or kickoff and not advance it, protecting himself from being hit by an opponent; he signals for a fair catch by raising one hand in the air and waving it.

If you watched the Louisville / UCONN game on Friday night, you saw TWO HORRIBLE blown calls by the referees. One of those calls was where UL was kicking off to UCONN...the receiver CLEARLY calls for a fair catch...the Louisville defense eases up because of the fair catch, but the receiver begins to run down the sideline all the way in for a touchdown.

For some reason the play could not be reviewed, because fair catches can't be reviewed...that's STUPID...anyhow, the Cards lost another tough game. That makes them 4-4 with a huge game against Pittsburgh next Saturday.

Ughhhhhh....I love college football, but I can't stand a blatant lousy call...oh well Go Cards...I'm still loyal!

Friday, October 19, 2007


-Crazy weather's mid-October and it's been like 80 degrees. I'm a 'summer time' guy, but this is ridiculous...I'm even ready for some cooler weather.

-Bryan got his cast off this past Monday. His arm didn't look all that bad after being wrapped up for almost five weeks. The doc said he still needs to take it easy on any heavy activity for at least three more weeks.

-What is going on in the world of college football?? Everyone is getting beat! Anybody see South Florida get knocked off by Rutgers? This gives my Cards a chance at the Big East title...if they win out from here.

-This Sunday I'll be leading our college Bible study. In my new role, this ministry is one of my new responsibilities...and I'm really stoked about teaching again. We've taken a different approach to trying to meet our college students needs. We encourage them to sleep in on Sunday's...come to our 11am worship...following that we have lunch and a time of bible study with them. So not a bad deal!

-I'm still 'transitioning' into my new role at FBC...still working behind-the-scenes with our youth ministry. We've got a youth interim, whose doing an outstanding job, while our search team had been looking. Keep on praying for our search team...they've received about 100 resumes so far! But I'm really enjoying a wide variety of areas of ministry in this new role...I'm definitely being stretched spiritually.

-Been reading some really good books lately...I'll blog about one in particular sometime soon. It's pretty eye opening for anyone who is a follower of Christ. The book is called "UnChristian"...I just started it, so I'll share some thoughts about it soon.

-It's been a long, but good week. I'm really looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow (my day off) will consist of the following:
*Coffee and newspaper at Starbucks (after dropping Bryan off at school)
*Driving range...gotta work on the short game a bit (if it doesn't rain)
*Work in the yard...planting some grass seed! (if it doesn't rain!)
*Play some guitar hero with B
*Watch the Cards vs UCONN at 8pm (espn!)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Top five list...

Last week as Bryan I were driving home from somewhere...he asked me, "Alright dad...what's your top five favorite songs of all time, in no particular order" (he actually said that too!) So after much thought we both shared our songs and who performed them. Here's my top five (in no particular order!)

1. "Don't You Forget About Me" by Simple Minds (This is song came out in 80' was featured in the movie "The Breakfast Club." The song just takes me back to highschool.)

2. "Where the Streets Have No Name" by U2 (I'm a huge fan...incredible experience to see them perform this live back in 1987 at you goose bumps. And...I remember some great memories back in the college days, of my good buddy Alan Creech and I traveling on Old Richmond Road cranking this song up as loud as his stereo could handle...I think that was in the blue Honda Accord?? is that right Alan??)

3. "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel (again, featured in the movie with John Cusack, Say Anything"...remember him holding up the 'jam box' over his head in front of the girls house??)

4. "Jesus Freak" by dcTalk (just a stinking rockin' song that spells it out)

5. "Sweet Home Alabama" by Skinny Lynrd, I mean Lynyrd Skynyrd (in my book one of the best 'crank it up loud while you are driving' songs EVER!)

Okay what are your top five favorite songs of ALL times? Share them with everyone...and remember, in no particular order (my son cracks me up!)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wowed by Catalyst

Wow...I mean WOW! What a conference last week in was the Catalyst Conference and by far one of the best that I've ever attended. I was moved, refueled, motivated, refreshed, excited, enthused, stirred, inspired…etc. You get the idea!

Many different speakers / teachers that came from all kinds of backgrounds led the different sessions. Of course each session began with some really incredible worship music…it was like being at a rock show, yet the focus was totally on God and praising His name. Talk about some great worship leaders…Steve Fee was pretty phenomenal!

My favorite session / speaker?? It would be a tie between Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel, both pastors in very large churches, but I couldn’t write fast enough in taking notes…just good practical stuff! I’m going to try and persuade the rest of our staff here at FBC to go next year (Oct. 8-10)…a very moving conference.

Holly and Bryan drove down Thursday night and following the conference on Friday we spent the rest of the weekend seeing the sights and sounds of Atlanta. We did the Georgia Aquarium, the Coke Factory, CNN center, ate at some really good restaurants…just some great family time! We got home yesterday afternoon after a quick stop in Chattanooga to visit our buds the Brown family.

As always it was good to come home…after a week of Atlanta traffic…coming home to Richmond was like coming home to Mayberry!